EXMURO arts publics is a creative, bold nonprofit organization standing among Quebec City’s most dynamic ones. Its mandate is to design and disseminate pluridisciplinary artistic projects in the urban public space.

To EXMURO, public art offers a freedom of experimentation and expression, and it is a counterweight to the mostly standardized, pragmatic urban elements. Integrated into these predominantly functional elements, art works unravel possibilities of creating unprecedented, surprising experiences amidst uniform, consensual trends and commonplaces.

EXMURO pursues the following objectives :

  • Increasing the presence of art in the public space

  • Connecting artists with people

  • Promoting the work of emerging and established artists

  • Producing new creation contexts

  • Fostering a reflection on important issues in our society

  • Restoring the meaning of images and words by freeing them from advertising, signage and functionality.

  • Turning street furniture and public spaces into unique dissemination spaces accessible to all.


Ever since its foundation in 2007, EXMURO arts publics’ unusual appropriation of public spaces and the visitors’ enthusiastic reactions have drawn attention on its projects. The organization has quickly gained recognition in Quebec City from its peers, business partners and the municipal administration. Various organizations and events welcome EXMURO’s projects, which get the support of public and private partners. This has allowed EXMURO to reach a growing audience with the works of emerging and established contemporary artists occupying streets, parks, esplanades and urban furniture.

EXMURO’s impact and its rare specificity have been fueling the interest for public art in Quebec City and the growth of its activities. EXMURO is creating more and more innovating projects, and its artistic director Vincent Roy is collaborating with multiple talented artists to foster encounters between the arts and the unexpected at the corner of everyday streets.


Artistic and general director

Vincent Roy

Board of administrators

President : Raymond Poirier
Vice-president : Karole Biron
Treasurer : Marie-Pier Voyer-Déry
Secretary : Valérie Forgues
Administrators :
Léa HardyMarie-Josée Lépine, José Luis Torres