Caravane BLING BLING! (Québec)

Caravane BLING BLING! (Québec)

Caravane BLING BLING! formed in 2017 to bring together an eclectic mix of artists for unorthodox projects. Artists Mathieu Fecteau and Loriane Thibodeau play on notions of veracity and falsity with works rich in hidden detail. Devoid of curatorial pretensions, the duo’s primary concern is interrogating the parameters that define the conventional exhibition space, whether they take their work to galleries, public art installations, or directly to the streets.

Sculptor and ceramicist Loriane Thibodeau experiments with materials under transformation, specifically seeking out the tangible manifestations of change, that pivotal moment when matter is transformed. Mathieu Fecteau is a sculptor who likes to think of himself as a tinkerer, with a special affection for basic manufacturing processes and repurposed materials.

Dreamers’ Echo


Reflecting the diversity of people who take part in Passages Insolites, a range of hybrid bodies inhabit the installation space, covered in small elements from “hexagon-spangles” to everyday objects that are crafted at public workshops—the fruit encounters between artists and participants. Dreamers’ Echo grows out of an inclusive, sensitive co-creation experience where everyone gets the chance to get their hands dirty and collectively create a maelstrom of matter and memories.

(R)assembler / Togetherness

For this first-ever presentation of Passages Insolites in the Saint-Roch district of Quebec City, EXMURO wants celebrate the diversity of people who live together in this vibrant community. (R)assembler / Togetherness draws on the idea of “coming together to work together,” and uses a co-creation process to match participants of three community organizations with a duo of artists. This inclusive project includes a series of workshop meetings that culminate in the realization of a collective public art work.

Three neighbourhood organizations collaborated on this project:

Café rencontre du centre-ville

Centre résidentiel et communautaire Jacques-Cartier