Collectif 5M2

Collectif 5M2

117, rue Dalhousie


Collectif 5M2 was formed on May 3, 2019 by five second-year students in the Université Laval master’s of architecture program: Marielle Gervais-Joanisse, Samuel Laprise, Maxime Morency, Frank Saavedra and Catherine-Benedicte St-Laurent.

Collective 5M2 won the 2019 Passages Insolites competition organized in collaboration Université Laval architecture students’ association and Laurie Raphaël restaurant

Shifting Utopias

Walk through the portals to discover a colourful world concealing a critique of our relationship with nature: artificial vegetation, industrial agriculture, sanitized food, and a dehumanized restaurant industry. Put together, it portends an uncomfortable future distorted by human efforts to exercise extreme control over the environment. Is this the inevitable endpoint of efficiency, or a sign of impending disaster?


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