Consortium 19 (Québec et Rouyn-Noranda)

Consortium 19 (Québec et Rouyn-Noranda)

Consortium 19 was born out of the desire of Vincent Roy, Artistic Director of Passages Insolites, to spark a new creative challenge by assembling artists from various disciplines to work on a common project built around a set concept. For this first edition, Consortium 19 will have the challenge of creating a playful outdoor “Arcade” space incorporating eminent figures or other elements from Quebec City history.

Consortium 19 is composed of Robin Dupuis and Pierre-Paul Guillemette (architecture), finlarmente (literature), Mathieu Plasse (video games) and Paquebot Design (graphic design) and Vincent Roy (conception).


The History Arcade

Parc Petit-Champlain

Who said history can’t be fun?

Consortium 19 literally makes history into a game by “putting into play” a large cast of characters and milestones of Quebec’s history. Players can create new clashes between characters in a video game, try to win a stone fragment from a now-destroyed historic building, recreate the story of Alain Côté’s famous air hockey goal, or join a canoe race pitting eminent figures from the history of Quebec against each other. This piece promises a truly historic level of fun!


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