Lucie Bulot et Dylan Collins (Toronto)

Lucie Bulot et Dylan Collins (Toronto)

French-born artists Lucie Bulot and Dylan Collins live and work in Toronto.
The pair’s work seeks out new pathways of engagement with architecture while exploring other spheres such as land art and installation. They consider architecture not as a set of objects but rather as a form of storytelling constructed from diverse knowledges, places, and materials.



Eternal Snow

Place Royale

For a single summer, Eternal Snow will stand as a reminder to all of the rigours of Quebec winters. The bust of Louis XIV, trapped in an eternal snowstorm, is the centrepiece of this oversized snow globe—an item normally bought as a souvenir, but here transposed on a monumental scale to represent an imagined meeting between the Sun King and winter, that most emblematic of seasons in Quebec.

Though the bust seems to dominate, it is the snow that becomes the object of memory here. By capturing a “sample” of winter, the installation rises above the passage of the seasons, bringing two climates into coexistence.


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