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JUNE 15 – SEPTEMBER 16 2021

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The Détours Culturels leven up the Old Terrebonne during the summer! The SODECT offers to visitors an art circuit including visual arts, dance, theater, circus, poetry and public art. In this context, the City hosts PASSAGES INSOLITES on tour!

  • Atelier MAP, When Paper Planes Stop Catching Wind, 2017

When I was young and had no care for scale, life was my playground, and the world was mine to fashion in the image of my imagination. A simple paper sculpture could whisk me away to foreign lands. I was richer than any businessman.

Then I grew up.

Now life consists of tangibles. Instead of reverie, responsibilities. No more taking the time to gleefully pursue every crazy idea that crosses my mind. I focus on “real” life. I’ve grown up a bit. Instead of my imagination I have piles of papers I would never dare fold into sculptures. Reality: The available paths have narrowed. There’s no more room for dreams to take flight.

Today the paper planes no longer catch the wind…

Credits : EXMURO
  • Demers-Mesnard (Québec), Happy Castaways, 2018

A mysterious floating island inhabited by a diverse, surreal cast of plants and animals—a fantastic oasis that appears to have broken off from a distant land mass and drifted to our shores along with its outlandish ecosystem.

Day and night, Happy Castaways stand on their island, inviting us to join them in a shared dream of a world more harmonious and peaceful than this one.

Les heureux naufragés - Demers Mesnard
Credits : Stéphane Bourgeois
  • Sculptosaurus (Québec), Outdoor Ball Games, 2017

Combining two classic symbols of freedom and mobility, the tent-trailer and the dirigible balloon, Outdoor Ball Games is a large-scale sculpture of a truly one-of-a-kind motor home. The classic compact tent trailer, a potent symbol of escape, is truncated and loaded down with a massive zeppelin, a vehicle that brings to mind certain more tragic moments in human history. With a healthy dose of humour, the themes of travel and migration are tackled in this improbable assemblage that plays with notions of proportion, makes fun of our concept of progress, and flings us headlong into a fictional universe.

Credits : Stéphane Bourgeois