Each summer, the event reveals its extraordinary itinerary of public art that reenchants the urban experience. Set out to conquer the city by discovering some twenty surprising and original works imagined by contemporary artists from here and elsewhere.

By revitalizing the downtown districts and redefining the experiences that can be had there, PASSAGES INSOLITES allows us to reinject magic and a certain poetry into the sometimes rigid context of the functional city. Every summer, the passages momentarily infiltrate the urban landscape to divert conventional uses, shift the usual perspectives and break the monotony of everyday life.

PASSAGES INSOLITES is conceived by EXMURO arts publics and presented by the City of Quebec. The works presented during the event are part of a vast program of circulation of works in Quebec, Canada and the world.


PASSAGES INSOLITES 2022: Spectacular, provocative public art!

From the îlot des Palais to the rue du Petit-Champlain, a free course of 16 works that are both engaged and playful opens up unusual spaces for encounters and reflections on social, decolonial and environmental issues.

2022 Edition