EXMURO lends its unique expertise to work with organizations, events, cities and individuals in search of original art experiences. Each project is developed in close collaboration with a team of professional creators with the skillsets to develop and implement a broad array of projects, from the drawing board to final installation.


Design, production, distribution, and circulation of public art works:

  • Outdoor exhibitions (installation, sculpture, photography, painting, video, projection, etc.);
  • Architecture integration works and street furniture;
  • Mural projects;
  • Arts events and art walks, etc.



EXMURO has built this success on our ability to reinvent and adapt, coupled with the commitment and creativity of its team and its founding director, Vincent Roy. 

Circulation and Touring

EXMURO partners can borrow one or more circulating works to enhance an existing event or even create a brand new public art exhibition.

3 benefits of borrowing public artworks

  • Reach a broad network of presenters
  • Affordably exhibit new works created by professional artists
  • Benefit from EXMURO’s expertise in designing, producing, implementing, and presenting art in public spaces.




Circulation and Touring

Information for partners