Dries Verhoeven (Pays-Bas)

Dries Verhoeven (Pays-Bas)

Dries Verhoeven is a Dutch theater maker and visual artists who creates installations and performances around the world. His work often challenges the viewer, either though direct interaction or an invitation to develop a personal interpretation. Verhoeven’s work interrogates the underlying mechanisms that influence our thoughts and actions.



JUNE, 21 TO 29 juin, 10 am to 7 pm

Fare Thee Well!

Place des Canotiers

At a first glance, this immersive installation is an invitation to observe the landscape. Yet the four telescopes point our gaze towards a feed of words scrolling by on screens installed over two kilometers away, on the opposite bank of the river. Over a Handel requiem, the texts of Adieu! (Fare thee well!) evoke an assortment of farewells—to concepts, places, and aspects of popular culture that have fallen by the wayside, or are poised to do so. This work offers an experience into which the artist has woven a certain nostalgia for lost things, and a critical reflection on our collective future.


With the help of:

Administration portuaire de Québec

Acknowledgements: Marie Boneschankser (text collaboration), Roel Evenhuis (technique), Olga Godschalk (production) et Les Résidences du Précieux Sang (Lévis site).