Olivier Moisan Dufour (Québec)

Olivier Moisan Dufour (Québec)

Olivier Moisan Dufour travaille des « amoncellements » qui sont constituées de pièces de bois recyclé. Aspect important de sa démarche, il aime garder la trace de l’objet antérieur. Il peindra souvent minutieusement ses sculptures, afin d’« en fixer l’état », comme si on immortalisait un moment dans l’histoire de l’ancien objet.


Le projet d’Olivier Moisan Dufour est le lauréat 2019 du concours Passages Insolites organisé en collaboration avec l’École d’art de l’Université Laval et GM Développement.

Remerciements : Marcel Jean (directeur de recherche), Paroisse Sainte-Marie-de-l’Incarnation (site)

Interior with Amenities

This work reconstructs an improbable dwelling formed by gathering and assembling large quantities of boards recovered from wooden pallets. Presented in a large window reminiscent of both shop windows and exhibition spaces, Tangential Interior evokes paradoxes: the space is habitable but inaccessible, occupied but not functional, private yet continually exposed to anyone who looks. The artist deliberately distorts perspectives while examining issues around the urban habitat and its precariousness.


Olivier Moisan Dufour’s process involves piling and stacking reclaimed wood, and is marked by his propensity for leaving traces of previous projects in his new ones. He will often painstakingly paint his sculptures order to fix their state, in a process akin to immortalizing a moment in the history of an ancient object.


Interior with Amenities won the 2019 Passages Insolites competition, organized in collaboration with the Université Laval faculty of art and GM Développement.